Paid search advertising solutions

maximize roas with this 5-fold process:

Should your business be using LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Youtube Ads or another advertising solution?  This is the first question we will answer today. Use our 5-fold process:

[Initial audit]

If you work on your own:

This is the part where you closely examine your accounts and run a full diagnostic to exactly define the current state of your company's digital presence and marketing strategy.  Next, you will choose which performance goals to use as a baseline for measuring your digital marketing campaign's impact.

If you work with us:

Once we establish your baseline, we will be able to track how much growth and value No Mistake PPC has provided at the end of each month.

During this phase, we will also begin to define the most appropriate digital channels and platforms to advertise on for your brand.  We will also define your target audience, KPIs, performance goals and how this all ties-in to your overall business goals.


[planning and research]

If you work on your own:

At this stage, you or your team needs to get 'lost in the weeds' searching for the keywords and strategies that will allow your business to meet or exceed its newly defined ad campaign performance goals.

If you work with us:

We conduct Market and Keyword Research for you, then build out the finer details of your campaign such as: bidding strategy, bid adjustments, location targeting, audience targeting, scheduling, appropriate extensions, segmentation, re-targeting, keyword match variants and ad group structure; just to name a few. 


[content creation + Tracking the right data]

If you work on your own:

In this phase you will create the one-of-a-kind, bespoke content that will convey your brand's unique voice. Your digital content is at the very beginning of your ideal customer's  journey and relationship with your business.  Next, you must integrate digital marketing analytics tools with your content and begin tracking your conversion and KPI metrics.

If you work with us:

This is where compelling language, clever design and storytelling come in to play.  Every business will have different requirements, but at the very least we typically provide our PPC advertising firm's clients with creative:

Using analytics software like GA4, we then study the traffic your content brings in. We use this data to gain insight into how to create the most engaging content for your target audience.


[launching and measurement]

If you work on your own:

Finally, the moment of truth. Consider this the moment of proof. This is when your digital ad campaign goes live.

After your debut, it is of peak importance to measure your campaign data and interpret these new streams of data correctly; in order to begin maximizing your PPC advertising budget.

If you work with us:

After your successful digital marketing campaign launch, we then aggregate and analyze your ad data. We use this processed data to optimize your ad accounts, websites, and social media accounts to build upon early campaign success and exceed your KPI targets. 

Ad account optimization occurs when we leverage your marketing campaign data as it comes in, in real-time. 

[daily account management]

If you work on your own:

Digital advertising is synonymous with continuous improvement. But even when you do everything right, sometimes PPC ad platforms break or give us issues.  You can try reaching out to a major digital advertising platform's support channels for help, but they'll probably get back to you in 3-5 business days. And then, they still may not have the solution. Do you really want to waste time waiting?

If you work with us:

With a dedicated Account Manager on the job, you won't experience any frustration when there are malfunctions with your PPC advertising campaigns. You no longer have to deal with confusion or being slowed down when things don't go according to plan. 

Our month-to-month, Pay-Per-Click advertising management service provides:


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